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Meet The Chef

Pat is a full-time studio artist from Sevierville, TN. She is a surface design, marbling, paper and fabric artist who is also co-owner of the historic Cliff Dwellers Gallery in Gatlinburg, TN. Pat teaches private lessons, conducts workshops, and instructs classes at locations including Arrowmont and the Folk School. Her work is represented and collected internationally.

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Thanks for contacting me! I'll get back to you as soon as possible. -Pat

Discover the magic of marbling

What Is Marbling?

Marbling is a one-time print from a liquid surface.  Paints are floated on a thickened size and manipulated with simple, handmade tools.  When the pattern is complete, a prepared paper or fabric is laid carefully on top of the surface to capture the design.  Each marbling is an original. 


Marbling has a rich history dating back to the eleventh century.  The earliest marbling, suminagashi, was practiced in Japan floating inks on water.  Suminagashi has an organic element to its creation.  Suminagashi can be incorporated in bookbinding and as a background for calligraphy.


Around the fifteenth century in Turkey, earth pigments were floated on a thickened base and printed on papers.  Marbling spread through Europe, many countries creating specific patterns & designs.  These provided the basis for modern marbling.

Discover the magic of marbling
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Pat is great!

Emma Brown, NYC

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